Temporary Teacher-Information and Communication Technology 1641 求職申請

Duties :

(a)       Coordinate and discharge diversified professional duties;

(b)      Undertake class teaching; and

(c)       Perform other related duties as assigned by the school.

Entry Requirement :

(a)       A Hong Kong bachelor’s degree majoring in the relevant subject discipline, or equivalent.

(b)      English / Putonghua teachers should have met the Language Proficiency Requirement.

(c)       Non-language subject teachers adopting English as medium of instruction should have Level 3 or above in English Language of the HKDSE, or Grade C or above in English Language (Syllabus B) of the defunct HKCEE or other recognized qualifications.

How to Apply:

Please submit Application Forms [G.F. 340 (Rev. 3/2013)] are obtainable from any Home Affairs Enquiry Centre of District Offices, Home Affairs Department or any Job Centre of the Employment Services Division, Labour Department. The said form can also be downloaded from the Civil Service Bureau’s web site (http://www.csb.gov.hk) and mail to school by post and mark clearly the specific post applied for.

學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 29 份
  • 電話 24903307
  • 傳真 24906645
  • 地區 荃灣區
  • 地址 新界荃灣海壩街70號

機構 / 學校搜尋


導師資歷要求: 籃球教練資格 有帶領中學籃球隊經驗 工作範疇: 教授有關籃球的知識與技巧 培訓籃球校隊 培訓學生球証 帶
-負責校務文書及採購工作 -處理電腦資料及文件儲存 -接聽電話解答查詢及接待家長 -熟識電腦操作 -富愛心、責任感、具團
誠聘數學科助理教師 日期:1-9-2022至31-8-2023 資歷:相關的學士學位或同等學歷及教育文憑,具相關工作經驗
– 入班支援多樣性學生、負責課後小組及協助帶領課外活動等 – 負責執行個別學習計劃 –
誠聘籃球教練 日期:1-9-2022至31-8-2023逢星期四、六 時間:放學後,每次2小時,全年大約30-40次 資
職責 : 負責中五級小組教學,提升學生英文科文憑試應試能力 教授英文科閱讀、寫作、聆聽及綜合的應試技巧及知識 須與本校任
Lam Tai Fai College is an EMI secondary school (DSS) that as
清洗戶外活動場地、園藝、照顧兒童上落校車、分發茶點。 上班時間: 星期一至六:上午7:15-上午9:15 (每天工作2小