Senior Human Resources / Administration Officer 2892

Good Hope School 德望學校

Senior Human Resources / Administration Officer

HR Responsibilities:

  • Manage and provide human resources management services on day-to-day operation including recruitment and induction, compensation and benefits, training and development, team building and performance appraisal
  • Update and make recommendations on the HR policies and procedures
  • Implement HR policies and procedures and communicate effectively with staff members
  • Ensure the School’s policies and practices are in compliance with existing procedures, relevant ordinances and authorities
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Principal or his designee

Administration Responsibilities:

  • Act as the Secretary to the School Management Committee (SMC)
  • See to the compliance with the School and EDB policies
  • Serve as the Secretary of the Governance Review Committee
  • Handle enquiries and correspondence with the government
  • Assist in the executive functions of resource management (such as tendering and procurement of goods and services)
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Principal/Supervisor in enhancing the administrative functions of the School, including all activities held to pursue the objective of the School


  • A Bachelor’s or higher degree, preferably in Human Resources Management or an administrative discipline
  • 5 years of solid experience in HR and 8 years of related experience at senior administrative or managerial level
  • Well-versed in Hong Kong Employment Ordinance and other related legislation
  • Knowledge in EDB Code of Aid and other related policies preferred
  • Excellence in both English and Chinese
  • Experience in dealing with government bureaux and stakeholders of the School and working in a school setting is an advantage
  • Motivated, able to work independently and have a strong sense of responsibility

Closing date of application: 18 May 2022


Please send your full CV and cover letter to the Principal at


(Please note that according to the EDB circular dated 20 Jan 2022, a “Vaccine Pass” has been expanded to all schools from 24 Feb 2022.  All visitors to schools will be required to present their vaccination records displaying at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccine starting from 30 April 2022 prior to their entry into school premises.  All visitors to a school must now comply with all the requirements under the related arrangement, or else they will not be allowed entry to the school premises.  All personal data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only.)


學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 65 份
  • 職位類別 教練
  • 電話 23210250
  • 傳真 23248242
  • 地區 九龍區域
  • 地址 九龍清水灣道303號
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  招聘2022-23年度合格幼稚園教師(教學助理)   資歷: 須持幼兒教育證書(CE)或以上程度
入職條件︰ 中學以上程度,具學校相關行政工作經驗為佳(如採購、人力資源、會計、資產管理等範疇); 具使用 WebSAMS
中三程度學歷 主要校舍清潔工作,協助學校活動及校方委派之工作 協助照顧3-6歲兒童、幼兒衛生清潔、協助幼兒洗手間、打掃等
職位詳情: – 上門 或 網上 教授幼稚園學生至成人普通話中文課 – 設計教案、安排教學流程及預
幼稚園級老師 一般幼稚園教育工作,能獨立處理課堂運作 ; 協助教學活動、課程佈置、製作教具 ; 處理日當班務工作 ; 基
服務內容︰ 負責為本校學生提供言語能力評估、個別及小組訓練、制訂及執行言語治療計劃、入班言語治療服務及相關工作﹔ 按學校
職責 : 負責校內環境衛生、清潔消毒、搬運傢俱、物資、開床及收床、助廚及一般庶務(包括外勤)等工作。 協助老師照顧幼兒、
職責 : 負責校內環境衛生、清潔消毒、搬運傢俱、物資、開床及收床、助廚及一般庶務(包括外勤)等工作。 協助老師照顧幼兒、
熟悉中英文電腦文書處理工作,協助教師推行學生活動、學習支援工作及校內當值。 請附履歷及近照寄油塘高超道3號或電郵至rec