Job Summary : Ensure that the school comply with Standard Accounting Practice, HKRC Financial Operation Manual, special requirements of various government departments and funding bodies in financial reporting. Supervising the maintenance and upkeep of accounting records.

Job Description (Non-exhaustive):

1. Supervision and Routine Accounting Duties

  1.1  Review/check accounting vouchers (receipt/payment/journal)

1.2  Review/check correctness of cheques

1.3  Review/check monthly bank reconciliation statements

1.4  Co-ordinate with other stakeholders

1.5  Arrange placement of bank deposits and transfer of money between different funds

2. Financial Reporting & Auditing

  2.1  Perform month-end closing routines

2.2  Review monthly general ledger listings, funding balances and financial statements

2.3  Review monthly accounting schedules and analyses

2.4  Compile summary financial report and donation report for IMC Meeting

2.5  Design / update financial report formats with Epicor FRx report writer

2.6  Co-ordinate audit for special projects as required by Government departments and other funding bodies

2.7  Assist school to answer audit queries (annual audit or Government department audit)

2.8  Coordinate and prepare year-ended accruals

2.9  Consolidate the department budgets into the total School budget

2.10  Prepare Annual Account in the EDB prescribed formats.

2.11  Compile summary of write-off / disposal report

3. Others

3.1     Prepare monthly payroll and PF contribution for school staff

3.2     Prepare tax returns for school staff appointment, termination and annual remuneration

3.3     Control Epicor vendor code creation

3.4     Prepare medical claims

3.5     Supervise subordinates and provide advice to School on accounting and internal control matters

3.6     Undertake any other relevant duties as assigned by the School Executive Officer and the Principal

3.7   Coordinate and prepare fixed assets count

Job Specification:

  • At least Diploma in Accountancy or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years relevant experience, 2 of which at supervisory level
  • Proficiency in computerized accounting system preferred.
  • Must have experience in handling accounts in school setting
  • NGO experience a definite advantage
  • Good command of English and Chinese


應徵者請填寫職位申請表,夾附個人履歷及非本地資歷的資歷評審結果(如適用)於2022年8月3日或以前寄香港九龍復康徑8號或電郵( 香港紅十字會雅麗珊郡主學校校長收。職位申請表可於本校網頁(下載。



學校 / 機構基本資料

  • 總刊登職缺數量 21 份
  • 職位類別 老師
  • 電話 23401022
  • 傳真 23496240
  • 地區 九龍區域
  • 地址 九龍復康徑8號

機構 / 學校搜尋


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