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Funtastic Education Centre樂知園教育中心
Lead DSE English Teacher

Title: Lead DSE English Teacher / Partner

Teaching style:

Lecture style with whiteboard and projector

Small classes with 3-7 students

Dedicated isolated classroom



Develop your own student base

Partnering scheme with full support; work for yourself, not someone else

Enjoy all potentials from your effort and ability

No investment risk

No admin hassle



Plan and teach English classes for secondary students

Assess and followup with student progress



Passion in education

Experienced in teaching

Can speak native English

Good knowlege in English knowlege (grammar, reading, writing)

Ability to lead and esculate class atmosphere (fun, morale, etc.)

Funtastic Education Centre樂知園教育中心 刊登了 8 份職位空缺

  • 總刊登職缺數量 8 份
  • 電話 96349612
  • 傳真 21241836
  • 地區 深水埗區
  • 地址 804, Hang Pont Comm Bldg, 31 Tonkin Street, Cheung Sha Wan